The campaign factory platform

The Campaign Factory platform


Creating a single customer view

The Campaign Factory draws data from your organisation's multiple sources to create a single view of your customers' personal information, product holdings and account history. Even if you have already consolidated your customer data, we can work within your corporate framework to further drive and refine this preliminary function, paving the way to a dynamic, customer-centric marketing philosophy.

Personalised, integrated, multi-channel marketing

The Campaign Factory incorporates a comprehensive Campaign Management solution, enabling you to implement personalised, integrated, multi-channel marketing campaigns. Managing your campaigns using an advanced level of logic, you can schedule, segment, track and analyse activity with a 'closed loop' approach. With access to valuable information on past campaigns, you can enhance your future marketing efforts.

Marketing workflows, processes and execution

Meeting campaign launch timelines and achieving return on investment benchmarks within budget are crucial elements to the success of any marketing program.  

The Campaign Factory can help you improve the operational efficiency and effectiveness of each marketing program. View budgets and forecasts; manage online version control and approvals for all collateral and campaign-related documentation; view all campaigns in colour-coded timetables; and manage expenses accurately and efficiently. Store all relevant material, including results and analytical models, in the Campaign Factory library for easy reference when needed. The focus is all about controlling the campaign process, continuous improvement and learning.

Trigger detection and event-based marketing

Monitor your customers' behaviour on a daily basis to make timely and relevant product or service-related offers. Behavioural changes often signify a change in needs which can present a sales opportunity. Through the Campaign Factory you can identify trends and patterns related to product ownership, life-stage and transactional behaviour over time.

Armed with this knowledge you can respond immediately with relevant products and offers via the most appropriate channel, giving your organisation the best chance of success with your marketing program. Your marketing team will be in a position to launch trigger and event-based marketing programs quickly and with minimal effort.

Customer lead qualification and assignment

For most financial services organisations, a return on investment driven marketing environment means increasing pressure to qualify, manage and efficiently track all sales leads. The Campaign Factory's Lead Management function can enable improvement in campaign profitability. Using Lead Management you can qualify, prioritise and accurately track leads to gain valuable insight into their performance following hand over to your sales team. This enables a sensible and effective approach to assigning leads to future campaigns as your marketing program evolves.

The introduction of more distribution channels, more sophisticated data segmentation and modelling, and new product and service categories will lead to dramatic growth in the number of contact opportunities for customers in the future. The Campaign Factory ensures you can address the contact, channel and product optimisation considerations within your organisation and consider your wider contact management strategy.

Ultimately it's our aim to help you market the most relevant offers to your customers, through channels they will be more responsive to, with minimal customer contact fatigue.

Visual customer data exploration

Visually exploring and analysing large volumes of customer data and re-accessing data at regular intervals can be a valuable exercise, helping you make immediate, informed decisions and improve current or future campaign outcomes. Through the Campaign Factory you can prepare visual representations of your customer data, making it easy to shift from analytical mode to action, identifying trends and patterns and in turn, marketing opportunities.

Data mining and statistical modelling

For any data-driven marketing program, data mining and statistical modelling can significantly improve the success of marketing programs.

Through the Campaign Factory your organisation can immediately bring the power of data mining and statistical modelling to your marketing programs. This eliminates the need to rely on internal data management teams or outsourced providers, saving you valuable time.