Consulting services

Ensure a disciplined approach at every stage of your marketing program with Precision Marketing’s consulting services.

Our services complement the features available through the Campaign Factory technology-based marketing platform.

This combination ensures development of marketing programs that are designed to deliver maximum value, in an environment that promotes continuous learning and improvement.

During the initial stages of a partnership arrangement, Precision Marketing will conduct an exploratory data and distribution analysis to help craft an effective and profitable long-term program strategy for your organisation.

Specifically, we will review your organisation’s:

  • existing direct marketing strategy and maturity level
  • current systems infrastructure capabilities and planned capabilities
  • current distribution channel capabilities and planned capabilities
  • results of previous direct marketing activity.

Precision Marketing will conduct a detailed analysis across numerous data repositories to identify potential marketing volumes, and a short list of launch products which best suit the needs of the partners’ customers (matching products to customer needs).

This then allows us to craft a tailored program strategy, which may include multi-product/multi-channel distribution to your organisation’s customers via a range of different marketing approaches including segmentation, propensity modelling and event-based marketing.

Precision Marketing will work together with you in ensuring the products selected for marketing are tailored appropriately to maximise revenue through the distribution strategy that is agreed.

Our marketing experts will introduce proven customer positioning concepts, and offer strategies to ensure response is maximised.

Market-entry strategy
Is your organisation planning to enter a totally new market? Are you considering a new distribution line within your business, such as direct marketing, or expanding the services available through a bancassurance channel? We can provide a range of professional services to help you prepare a comprehensive business case, covering all relevant external and internal factors.

Product strategy
Our expertise extends to life insurance, general insurance, credit cards, consumer lending, mortgages, investment products and retail banking products. Working with your organisation we can perform a product review and gap analysis, incorporating output attained from the exploratory data and distribution analysis and customer insights research.

Campaign strategy
You may have set yourself a range of business objectives: realising new business acquisition; telling customers about potential upgrades from their existing product; reactivating lapsed customers; or improving customer persistency and engagement. We will work with you to develop an appropriate strategy to meet your needs.

Distribution channel selection
We bring a wealth of experience in financial services product distribution, particularly within the direct and bancassurance distribution spheres. An integrated distribution strategy may involve a number of channels. For example you could combine personalised direct mail or email with a follow-up telephone call from an agent or call centre representative. If your customers have provided mobile phone contact details, an SMS can prompt online registration via your website. Alternatively, you might adopt a sales to service approach, generating possible referrals and sales from customers who contact your call centre with a service-related query.

We will take a lead role, reviewing the resources you currently have in place and providing advice on any vendor selection requirements through a defined procurement process. Our skills in micro-managing vendors are a core element of our consulting solution.

Distribution strategy
Once your organisation has adopted the Campaign Factory solution and the exploratory data and distribution analysis is complete, we undertake a more in-depth analysis of the information available as a ‘single customer view’. We can implement less complex strategies that involve simple customer segmentation, through to more complex strategies that involve propensity modelling, or event-based customer lead allocation.

Advanced modelling and analytics
Precision Marketing can work with your team to apply sophisticated data mining and targeting techniques with any historical data that is available. Specifically, we look at propensity to buy, pay and persist.

We will be able to create an aggregated view of your customers and view a large number of variables to generate campaign selections, that based on our historical experience should produce increased response rates and program revenue.

Event-based marketing
Event-based marketing focuses on the key concepts which are typically missing from traditional direct marketing approaches – those being changes in customer behaviour and timeliness of marketing communications. When both of these concepts are used together, they form the core of what Precision Marketing call Event-based marketing. In short, we can;

  • identify a change in behaviour for each and every customer within your organisation by monitoring activity on a daily basis. These changes in customer behaviour signify a need that your customer has at a specific point in time
  • act on these changes in behaviour immediately which allows us to communicate with customers during crucial decision-making periods.

This results in a shift in the way your customers are targeted – moving away from finding customers to push product offers to and identifying customers who have a need which matches the product offer.

Campaign design, brief and implementation
Based on the outcomes of the exploratory data and distribution analysis and insights research that is undertaken, we scientifically design campaigns to give your organisation the ability to maximise results and revenue. We will reach mutual agreement on sales and revenue benchmarks and ongoing persistency expectations for the program prior to launch. Detailed requirements specific to the program will be drafted, allowing your team to obtain approval from relevant business teams through an online process managed within the Campaign Factory platform.

Marketing collateral, scripts and training guides
You will receive expert guidance and hands-on tactical involvement with all aspects of the creative, copywriting and production process. Our team of marketing professionals will work with your corporate brand guidelines to help you develop effective sales collateral, including marketing brochures, telephone marketing scripts and digital marketing content. We will also work with you to develop staff training, contact centre management guides with a focus on product content, effective sales techniques and guidelines on handling objections. The Campaign Factory Library allows you to store and easily access all your marketing materials. You can also manage the review and sign off process online through the Campaign Factory.

Campaign and vendor management
Even with the most sophisticated marketing platform and associated processes, skilled people hold the key to successful marketing programs. We assign expert resources to work with your own team, including (where appropriate) a project manager, a campaign manager, a call centre liaison manager and a business analyst.

Daily tracking of campaign performance 
The Campaign Factory platform uses dynamic, data-driven technology which allows us to closely monitor activity in real time. Our focus is on continual learning and improvement, enhancing campaign profitability and ensuring a more reliable customer experience every step of the way. We will provide you with daily campaign summary reports and sales agent feedback.

Real time campaign refinement
We employ a dynamic process to encourage continuous communication and improvement at all stages of the campaign process. Detailed and daily real time campaign performance tracking means you can adjust your marketing collateral, script positioning, training guides, distribution channel selection and even sales associates’ profiles if the program isn’t tracking to expectations.

Campaign reporting by channel and product
Expanding on the daily campaign summary reports, you will receive comprehensive campaign reporting weekly, monthly and post-campaign. A substantial level of information can be viewed by channel and product, with cumulative outputs. This gives you valuable insight into trends and patterns specific to your marketing program. All reporting is available in English and/or the local language of your country. Regular interaction with your business team ensures you get ongoing feedback from sales representatives and management.

Post-campaign you will receive a detailed review of campaign performance against original benchmarks. This review will include financial results, analytical trends and feedback from sales representatives. We also provide a series of recommendations to ensure continual improvements can be applied to future campaigns. Ideally, we will present this material to you in a workshop environment so you can ask questions and discuss any issues. The full analysis is stored in the Campaign Factory Library for easy access and reference when developing forthcoming campaigns.

Armed with metrics from completed campaigns, Precision Marketing can work with your team to apply sophisticated data mining and targeting techniques. Specifically, we look at propensity to buy, pay and persist.

We will be able to create an aggregated view of your customers and view a large number of variables to generate campaign selections, that based on our historical experience should produce increased response rates and program revenue.

Precision Marketing will work with your business team to manage the ongoing persistency of your product portfolio. We employ our expertise in developing and implementing conservation management programs, monitoring and analysing detailed patterns and trends, and recommending strategies to help maintain product persistency within agreed benchmarks.