Privacy Policy

Precision Marketing Asia Pacific Privacy Policy

Precision Marketing is committed to maintaining the privacy of the users of our website.

This privacy statement sets out the privacy policy of Precision Marketing Asia Pacific Pty Ltd, whose registered office is Level 10, 153-155 Clarence Street,
Sydney NSW 2000.

Precision Marketing’s internal privacy policy summarises its approach to privacy and how personal information is collected, used and protected. This Policy sets out the principles and procedures for the handling of personal information by Precision Marketing and is compliant with Precision Marketing’s legal obligations under the Privacy Act 1988 (“the Privacy Act”). In addition, Precision Marketing ensures all information that may be sent overseas or used by overseas representatives is in accordance with the Privacy Act.

All staff and representatives employed by Precision Marketing are trained on all aspects of privacy and are aware of the privacy principles.

Personal data

Precision Marketing adheres to the Australian guidelines set out for personal data collection.

Your Internet Protocol (IP) address will be logged in order to receive and send information from and to you over the Internet. You will be asked for personal data such as your name, address and e-mail address when you make an enquiry. The personal data that we receive will only be used for the purpose that it is provided.

When Precision Marketing collects personal data it will be processed or used strictly in accordance with Precision Marketing’s privacy policy. When you provide us with personal data, you are agreeing to the collection and use of that information in accordance with this privacy policy.

Where appropriate, we may also use your personal details to inform you about changes and improvements to this website or to inform you about services in which you may be interested. You can choose not to receive this information. To do so, please send a message via our contact page.

If our usage practices change at anytime in the future, Precision Marketing will post the policy changes to our website to notify you of these changes and provide you with the ability to opt out of these new uses.

We like to keep your personal data accurate and up to date. If your details change or you notice any inaccuracies, please send a message via our contact page.

Policy updated November 2021