Precision Marketing Asia Pacific Selects the DataRobot Automated Machine Learning Platform to Scale AI Applications.

Precision Marketing Asia Pacific Selects the DataRobot Automated Machine Learning Platform to Scale AI Applications.

Leading Marketing Organization to Use DataRobot Platform to Generate Optimal Returns

Sydney, Australia, November 19, 2018

DataRobot, the creator of the automated machine learning category, today announced that Precision Marketing Asia Pacific has selected its automated machine learning platform to automate the development and operationalization of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The organization will leverage DataRobot to build and deploy machine learning models at scale to better understand what prospects their customers should target for a campaign, leading to significant ROI increases.

Precision Marketing is a data-driven marketing organization that runs campaigns on behalf of customers throughout APAC, using propensity scores to understand what prospects they should target for a campaign. Through intelligent use of data, the organization looks to offer the right product to the right customer at the right time, through the customer’s preferred channel. The company was looking for a solution that gave their data scientists greater interpret-ability and insights so that decision makers could easily understand and explain the results. By harnessing the power of DataRobot, the team can now automate and scale machine learning efforts while freeing their data scientists to work on more strategic projects.

“We have a promise to deliver constant improvement and innovation to our partners, and when we observed a lack of product development and improvement in the tools that were once perceived as the market leaders, we knew we had to find a new solution,” said Keith Lowry, Chief Executive Officer, Precision Marketing Asia Pacific. “Embedding DataRobot into the Precision Marketing Campaign Factory Solution supports our delivery of that promise and helps generate the optimal return and customer experience.”

DataRobot’s automated machine learning enhances Precision Marketing’s predictive modeling capabilities, allowing the business to maximize the effectiveness of their clients marketing programs. The solution also delivers more up-to-date functionality, including cross-validation and text mining, leading to a measurable uplift in performance and significant in-business efficiencies.

“As a data-driven organization, Precision Marketing Asia Pacific knew they could be getting even more value from their data by automating the machine learning processes,” said Mark Shoebridge, Director of Sales, Australia, at DataRobot. “We’re pleased to be partnering with Precision Marketing to help them reach customers more effectively and drive meaningful business results and look forward to working closely with the team to ensure they maximize the benefits of automated machine learning to the fullest.”

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