Precision Marketing enter into a partnership arrangement with Sinarmas MSIG Life in Indonesia.

Commencing 1 October 2015, a partnership between Sinarmas MSIG Life Insurance and Precision Marketing Asia Pacific was confirmed through the execution of a Strategic Co operation Agreement.

Precision Marketing’s local management team, and regional business team are working together with Sinarmas MSIG Life to deliver a dedicated marketing distribution platform, enabling a new data driven approach to acquire policyholders, and generate revenue growth with existing and new affinity partner relationships via the existing direct marketing channels.

To compliment the new platform, revised call centre functionality will also take effect, with a focus on quality assurance, new script and training modules and delivery of retention and conservation efforts to customers through direct channels.

Over time, we will also be working with Sinarmas MSIG to develop adjacent opportunities, of which there are many, given the size and current scope of the wider group of Sinarmas businesses.